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Bloom's Literature Selected Videos

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  1. opens new windowZora Neale Hurston's Childhood
  2. opens new windowHurston's Childhood Hometown
  3. opens new windowHurston's Early Writing Career
  4. opens new windowZora Neale Hurston: A Fresh New Voice In Harlem
    Description: "In 1925 Zora moved to Harlem, a place for African Americans to be in their own culture. She entered a literary competition and won the most awards. Her fresh, new voice addressed timeless topics and universal themes during the Harlem Renaissance."
  5. opens new windowHurston: Anthropology and the Harlem Renaissance
  6. opens new windowHurston: Southern Folklore and Hoodoo
    Description: "A grant and her patron, Mrs. Rufus Mason, allowed Hurston to collect Southern Negro folklore. She married Herbert Sheen, but their careers doomed the marriage. In New Orleans, Hurston immersed herself in hoodoo, resulting in the novel 'Mules and Men.'"
  7. opens new windowPersonal and Professional Conflicts for Hurston
  8. opens new windowHurston's Life and Career During the Depressions
  9. opens new windowHurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
  10. opens new windowBlack Vernacular in the 1920s and 1930s
  11. opens new windowHurston as Writer and Anthropologist
  12. opens new windowFacing False Allegations and Poverty
  13. opens new windowHurston' Final Years
  14. opens new windowHurston' Death and Legacy

AVON: Academic Videos Online Selected Videos

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Selected Resources

opens new windowZora Neale Hurston (In Bloom's Literature)
Includes reference, criticism, images, videos and timelines.

opens new windowZora Neale Hurston (In Literary Reference Center)
Includes biographies, literary criticism, plot summaries and more.
Example:opens new window Mules & Men