Council of Science Editors (Formerly Council of Biology Editors) Style & Format, 8th Edition

The Council of Science Editors uses CSE (formerly CBE) style and format called Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. CSE style is used in biology and other life and physical sciences.

Citing AI Tools

The Council of Science Editors recommends treating AI-generated content as personal communication. Personal communication advice is as follows:

  • Cite personal communication in-text only,
  • Do not include in the References section
  • Include a description of the content that was created or edited and the name of the language model or tool, version and extension numbers, and manufacturer

Example: I asked it to respond to a prompt for "factors that influence gene expression" (ChatGPT [OpenAI], response to question from author, 3 May 2024).

(Always follow your professor's guidelines for AI use in the course.)