Reference materials, such as handbooks, specialized encyclopedias, subject dictionaries, atlases, etc., provide objective background information, quick facts, statistics, biographies, and more. Search the Library Catalog and limit the results to Reference.

Research TIP: Searching for Reference Books and Reference Ebooks

For Print Reference Books - Search the catalog or browse the shelves.

Go to the library catalog. Key in a search. Under View Entire Collection choose Reference Collection. (Note: The results include print books in the Reference Collection, but do not include reference ebooks.)

Browse the print books on the shelves in the Reference Collection. For call number sections, go to the opens new window Library of Congress Classification Outline and drill down to specific call numbers that match your subject.

For Reference Ebooks - Search the catalog or ebook databases.

Go to the library catalog. Key in a search and add the word reference to your search. Under View Entire Collection choose Ebooks.

Select a reference ebook database listed below, then browse or search ebook titles in the database.

Credo Reference

- Sample entry: opens new windowSvante opens new windowArrhenius
- Credo Mind Map result for opens new window toxicology (shown below)
Credo mind man

Gale Ebooks

Search a topic in all Gale Ebooks. Example: opens new windowWildlife Conservation
Or, browse a book.

Selected Reference Books

Points of View Reference