• Tip of iceberg is the only part that can be found by Internet search engines.Google only searches the tip of the iceberg. Some of the best information is on sites that Google can’t reach.
  • Google rankings are designed to put the most popular results at the top of the list, not the most reliable.
  • Web sites can be created by any one for any reason. Many sites on the web contain information that is incorrect, incomplete, out of date, and extremely  biased.
  • Both Google and Google Scholar will lead users to articles which are behind a paywall. 

When is it helpful to use Google?

Google can help locate and search government web sites or web sites of nonprofits and NGOs,  which are respected and authoritative sources.

  • To limit your search to a specific type of site, add this to your search: 
    • (for government web pages)
    • (for web pages of universities)
  • You can also search within a specific web site by limiting to the domain or URL:
    • (to limit to the American Chemical Society web site)
    • (to limit to the web site of the Small Business Administration)
  • You can limit Google search results to more recent by using the “Tools” link on the results page.

ALWAYS evaluate sources found on the web for currency, authority, reliability, purpose, and point-of-view.

Library Databases

  • Over 190 ORU Library Databases provide access to verified publications such as newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, ebooks, educational videos, dissertations and other academic sources
  • The library pays for access to the journals and other sources that our students need for their coursework so that students do not need to pay for them out of pocket
  • Because databases are configured to enable precise searches limited by subject, date, language, and type of source, users spend less time going through massive search results

When is it helpful to use Google Scholar?

  • Google Scholar can be a helpful way to find academic research to supplement database results.
  • The Library Links settings in Google Scholar can be configured to show links to E-resources at ORU.
  • Google Scholar can help find scholars that have cited a particular article.
  • Google Scholar has several features for finding better results. Try this Search Help guide.illustration of E-resources@OralRoberts in Google Scholar search results