A Person In History

The HS in the Life of a Person in History

This part of the assignment is more complicated. There is no single book to help you if you do not already have a person in mind. Because of this, the best approach is to already have someone from history in mind and search the Library catalog to find resources on that person. If you don't know who you want to pick, below are a couple resources that could be of help to you. They will be displayed in the HSRC for you to use.

A great way to search the catalog would be to enter into the Keyword search box "biography AND spirit". A number of biographies will come up that you could choose from. Remember, there will be some people who did not write about the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. So it may take some searching of our catalog to find out.

Another great source for short biographies of significant figures in the Spirit-empowered movement is Healing and Revival website. While this would not be a good source to use for your paper citations, it has a wonderful list of individuals from which you could select someone you would like to study.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Here are some recommended books that look at who is the Holy Spirit. Some are more theological than others, but any of these (and many more) are good for this part of your assignment. Again, there are many others that are available in the BT section in both the Main collection and the Holy Spirit Research Center.