Key to Effective Library Research: Using the Right Tool at the Right Time

ToolboxThe Library has a virtual toolbox of power tools to help you find the information you need for your coursework and research projects. This guide is designed to introduce these major research tools to you and suggest when and how you can make the best use of them. The Quick Search Box on the Home Page is the best place to start.

The major research tools are:

  • EagleSearch - A global search of many of the Library's resources including books, articles and other resources
  • Books+ and Ebooks - Search the Library catalog to find books and Ebooks.
  • Journal Finder+ - Use if you are looking for a link to a specific title of a journal. Do not use for search for articles.
  • Database list - Find a particular article database. ATLA Religion Database is recommended for theology. (link to the database list is in the blue band below the search box)
  • WorldCat - Use to find titles of books at other libraries that you could Inter Library Loan.
  • Research guides - Pages of links created by Librarians. Browse by subject, how to, or by course
  • Digital Showcase - Search ORU's online archival primary resources.

To find out more about these library tools, click each of the subtabs under the "Research" tab above.