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Search the catalog to find books in the library and ebook records that link to the ebook full text. Try a library catalog subject subject search for your topic. From the list that comes up, click a subject to view the list of book titles, or use the "related subjects" link and drill down through other subjects.

Examples :
opens new windowCommunication Subjects
opens new window interpersonal Communication
opens new windowMass Media

Ebook Databases

More than 200,000 academic ebooks from scholarly and professional publishers, including 70+ university presses. Unlimited, multi-user access. To access or create a bookshelf click Bookshelf or Sign In then enter your network login. (ProQuest)

Examples of Titles by Subject:

opens new windowCommunication (general)
opens new windowCommunication and Culture
opens new windowMass Media

♦ For the most recently published ebooks to appear at the top of the list change Sort By from Relevance to Publication date.
♦To view the 20 most relevant chapters from your list of ebooks, click the Chapter Results tab.
♦ To browse ebook titles in a specific call number section, use Advanced Search, scroll the page to LC Call Number, and then enter a call number or call number range. See the opens new windowLC Outline to identify call numbers.

Reference Ebook Databases

Google Books

opens new windowGoogle Books
Includes some book previews and complete books. Connects to books with the opens new window Library Project and Partner Program. If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given permission, Google Books provides a preview of the book. If the book is in public domain, you can freely download a PDF copy. In a book record, use "Find in Library" to link to the item record in See opens new windowHow to Use Google Books.