This is a sampling of videos available for use in the classroom or online streaming through the Academic Videos Online (AVON) database.

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The New Industrial RevolutionThe New Industrial Revolution


55 minutes

The pandemic has been a driver of changes to the already shifting world of work.

Quantitative Economics with RQuantitative Economics with R


1 hour 11 minutes

This video provides a user-friendly contemporary treatment of quantitative economics with a focus on data science, and clear demonstrations using R.

Finance and Investments

Analyze Stock Data with Microsoft ExcelAnalyze Stock Data with Microsoft Excel
(, 2021)
18 minutes
Visualization of data is a powerful method to see trends and make decisions. Microsoft Excel trending capabilities are tools to visualize large data sets, such as financial information on company performance.

FASB on the Future of Financial Regulation
20 minutes
Richard Jones of FASB discusses how the pandemic upended planned financial regulatory changes and what to expect from upcoming initiatives.

Crypto: Will the Bitcoin Dream Succeed?Crypto: Will the Bitcoin Dream Succeed?


11 minutes

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies set out to upend the financial order and replace conventional money. Bitcoin has certainly disrupted the global financial system, but can it ever live up to the hype?


Dow on How B2B DiffersDow on How B2B Differs.


28 minutes

The business-to-business customer experience gets less attention than business-to-consumer experience. Jennifer Zamora of Dow Chemical shares her take on the importance of the employee and customer experience for B2B organizations.

Management and Leadership

4 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Skills. 2015

11 minutes

In this program Eve Ash, Psychologist and Founder Seven Dimensions, interviews Dean Judy Olian, UCLA Anderson School of Management to explore some practical advice and strategies.

Dean Judy Olian shares her advice to boost leadership skills:

• Learn more about yourself
• Seek team diversity
• Encourage truth-tellers
• Maintain a healthy balance

4 essentials for compassionate leadership4 Essentials for Compassionate Leadership


11 minutes

Compassionate leaders care about their team's emotional and life needs and recognize that happier employees are more engaged and perform twice as well as those whose staff feel unvalued and uncared for. Psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss four essential components that comprise humane, effective leadership.

Moderna CEO on Leadership and InnovationModerna CEO on Leadership and Innovation


27 minutes

Stéphane Bancel talks to WSJ about the novel messenger-RNA vaccine and how he is leading his company through the coronavirus pandemic.