Purpose of BIB 372 Course Guide

To help students start researching for the biblical exegesis research paper assigned in the BIB 372 Revelation and Writings of John course.

Helpful Bibliographies

Essential Bible Study Tools

opens new windowEssential Bible Study Tools for Ministry (Bauer, 2014); also in print: BS511.2 .B38 2014 Reference

  • See lists of "highly recommended" and "recommended" commentaries for each book of the Bible.

Johannine Writings and Apocalyptic book jacketopens new windowJohannine Writings and Apocalyptic: An Annotated Bibliography (Porter & Gabriel, 2013)

Basic Search Strategies

To find commentaries or other works related to a particular book of the Bible, try one of these strategies by pasting them into a Library Catalog search box:

To find Bible dictionaries or encyclopedias, try these search strategies:

  • Bible AND (dictionaries OR encyclopedias)
  • "Bible Old Testament" AND (dictionaries OR encyclopedias)
  • "Bible New Testament" AND (dictionaries OR encyclopedias)

To find works on specific sections of the Bible, try these search strategies: