Reservations are limited to current ORU students and faculty.

Sound should be kept at a reasonable volume to avoid disrupting the study environment in adjacent spaces.

Personal items in any room that has been vacated for more than 20 minutes or during a reserved time will be taken to lost and found.

Lights must be kept on in rooms when occupied by more than one person.

If you would like to clean/sanitize the room (keyboards, mouse, desktop, etc.) upon your arrival and when you leave, you can ask at the Library Services desk for cleaning supplies.

For the Digital Nests, if the group does not show within 15 minutes of the reserved time, the room is forfeited for the entire time. If a person or group is occupying a room when a reservation time begins, that person/group must vacate the room. Rooms not reserved are available on a walk-in basis to groups or individuals, but must be vacated if a reservation is made.

NOTE: Individuals or groups who

  • do not comply with these policies or instructions made by library personnel,
  • engage in activity that results in damage to these facilities, or
  • fail to vacate the room at the end of their booking

may be denied further use of them and/or be charged for repairs.


Digital Nests (109, 110, 209, & 210) are spaces available for student walk-in use, unless the space has been reserved. Reserve a Digital Nest in the Library for your group of three (3) or more to meet and collaborate on research or academic/course-related projects. 

Faculty/ AVR Room (101) is dedicated for use by current or retired ORU faculty. The room may be reserved or used on the spur of the moment provided the faculty member check first at the Library Service Desk to make sure the room is free. The librarian at the desk will unlock the room for you. The room is equipped with one HTC Vive VR station, Steam content library, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. Students are permitted to use the room solely for VR purposes related to coursework or assignments. For VR use, check out the controllers at the Library Service desk. This is NOT a group study room. However, during mid-terms and finals only, the room may be available for a group of 3-5 students for group study. No food is allowed in the room.

Grad/ Doctoral Room (200B & 200C) are quiet study spaces which may be reserved by doctoral and graduate students (1-2 students). 200B & 200C are inside the Reading Room on the second floor.

Individual Rooms (207 & 208) may be reserved by any individual student or groups of 2. These two spaces are on the second floor in the hall to the right of the elevator (across from the bathrooms).

The Presentation Studio (108) is specialized space for green screen recording. The room is equipped with an easy-to-use state-of-the-art automated audio/video recording system designed for students and faculty use to record lessons, professional recordings, practice presentations, dramatic scenes, or interviews using a green screen. The room includes remote camera management with a user-friendly interface and omnidirectional lighting setup (for an even cast) to avoid shadows. A ring light with smartphone stand is also available in the room for green screen recording. The space may be reserved by students and faculty for green screen recording. The staff at the Service desk will unlock the room for you. This is NOT a group study room. However, during mid-terms and finals ONLY, the room may be available for a group of 5-8 students for group study, with priority given to recording use over group study use. For assistance contact Professors Myra Bloom or Dan Eller. No food or drink is allowed in the room. More info.

The Library Conference Room, 2nd Floor Room (216) can be reserved by groups of 5-12 people during limited hours (Monday-Thursday after 5:00 p.m. and Saturday/Sundays after 3:00 p.m., dependent upon library building hours. Conference room reservations end 30 minutes before the library closes (see the room booking grid for available hours). No food is allowed in the Conference Room. You will receive an email if your reservation is approved. Please check in at the Library Service Desk on the 1st Floor within the first 15 minutes of your reservation to avoid cancellation. When your reservation ends, check out at the Library Service Desk. 

Rooms to Reserve

To reserve a room:

  • Select the date from the calendar.
  • Select the room and each 30-minute segment for the time needed from the schedule grid.
  • After reading the policies, click "Continue" to indicate your agreement, then enter the required information.
  • NOTE: only email addresses in ORU.edu domain can be used.
  • You will receive an email when your request has been approved.