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ORU Journal of Theology

Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology is a peer reviewed theological journal that aims to

  • • Publish studies from all disciplines pertaining to Spirit-empowered Christianity, from established and emerging scholars
  • • Emphasize theological and cognate studies and works from and about Christianity in the Majority World
  • • Review pertinent scholarly works as well as some professional and popular works of merit
  • • Publish scholarship to benefit especially Spirit-empowered Christian communities globally.

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Spiritus is a peer-reviewed, semi-annual interdisciplinary theological journal centered on the interests of global Spirit-empowered Christianity. It publishes studies from established and emerging scholars, reviews scholarly works and popular works of merit, and emphasizes studies from and about the Majority World.

Vol. 2.1-2, 2017 Contents

  • Editorial by Jeffrey Lamp
    • Oral Roberts: Son of Pentecostalism, Father of the Charismatic Movement by Vinson Synan
    • The Tragedy of Spirit-Empowered Heroes: A Close Look at Samson and Saul by Wonsuk Ma
    • Wisdom Pneumatology and the Creative Spirit: The Book of Wisdom and the Trinitarian Act of Creation by Jeffrey Lamp
    • Jesus’ Mother “Treasured All These Words . . . in Her Heart” (Luke 2:19): On Using a Spirit Hermeneutic to Reflect Together about Mary by Sally Jo Shelton
    • Poverty Reduction as a Christian Call: A View on Microfinance Loans from Pentecostal Churches in Zambia by Irene Banda
    • The Good Life: Descriptors of Change in Roma Pentecostal Communities in Serbia and Croatia by Melody J. Wachsmuth
    • Restoring Love to the Intellectual Life by R. R. Reno
    • Restoring Truth to the Intellectual Life A Response to Rusty Reno by William Epperson
    • Ayodeji Abodunde. Messenger: Sydney Elton and the Making of Pentecostalism in Nigeria by Denise A. Austin
    • Ron Clark. The Spirit of Jesus Unleashed on the Church: Acts of the Early Christians in a Changing Culture by Jon K. Newton
    • Robert Graves, ed. Strangers to Fire: When Tradition Trumps Scripture by Timothy Cremeens
    • William K. Kay. George Jeffreys: Pentecostal Apostle and Revivalist by Daniel Isgrigg
    • Jon K. Newton. The Revelation Worldview: Apocalyptic Thinking in a Postmodern World by John Christopher Thomas
    • Brian K. Pipkin and Jay Beaman, eds. Early Pentecostals on Nonviolence and Social Justice: A Reader by Robert Whitaker
    • Carey Walsh and Mark W. Elliott, eds. Biblical Theology: Past, Present, and Future by Arden Autry
    • Amos Yong and Vinson Synan, eds. Global Renewal Christianity: Spirit-Empowered Movements: Past, Present, and Future, Vol 1: Asia and Oceania by Henkholun Doungel

Wonsuk Ma is a Korean Pentecostal, and he serves as Dean and Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He previously served as Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK. He serves as Co-chair of Scholars Consultation, Empowered21.

Jeffrey Lamp is Professor of New Testament and Adjunct Instructor of Environmental Science at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, USA.

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