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The Remaining Task of the Great Commission
& the Spirit-empowered Movement

This book presents a unique invitation to enter the conversation on the role and contribution of each individual and faith community in fulfilling the remaining tasks of the Great Commission.

Scholars and practitioners from around the globe gathered online at the 2021 Scholars Consultation of Empowered21 to reflect and strategize on these questions in light of the audacious goals set by Empowered21: "That every person on earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Pentecost 2033." This book is a curated collection of the resulting conversations, with both original and subsequently commissioned studies.

This book is organized into sections of "Foundational," "Geographic," and "Strategic." In this way, the reader may grapple with the biblical, theological, and historical impetus for Spirit-empowered witness in part one, read engaging summaries of the Spirit-empowered movement in specific regions of the world in part two, and join the authors in actively strategizing context-specific approaches in part three.


  • Other Empowered21 Titles
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction by Opoku Onyinah and Wonsuk Ma
  • I. Foundational
    • 1. The Value of Biblical Pneumatology to a Post COVID-19 World by Glenn Balfour
    • 2. For Outsiders and Unbelievers: Paul and the 27 Spirit-Empowered Witness of the Corinthian Community by Christopher G. Foster
    • 3. Theology of Spirit-Empowered Witness by Julie C. Ma
    • 4. I and Thou: Rethinking Spirit-Empowered Missions 61 in South Asia by Brainerd Prince
  • II. Geographical
    • 5. The Great Commission and Pentecostalism in Southern Africa by Harvey Kwiyani
    • 6. Asian Pentecostal Mission and Spirituality: The Dual Quests in the Globalized World by Connie Au
    • 7. Resurrecting Europe's Christian Heritage: Opportunity for the Spirit-Empowered by Arto Hämäläinen
    • 8. Focusing on the People of the Margins in Latin America: A New Approach to Social Concern by Miguel Alvarez
    • 9. The Unfinished Task in North America and Its Impact on Spirit-Empowered Christianity by Daniel D. Isgrigg
  • II. Strategic
    • 10. Home and World Evangelism: Nigerian Church with Islam and Internationalization by Samson A. Fatokun
    • 11. Low-Income People Discipling the Poor: Low-Fee Christian Schools Fulfilling the Great Commission by Makonen Getu
    • 12. The Spirit Empowered Mission of Chinese House Churches by Evan J. Liu
    • 13. God's Mighty Work in the Graveyard of Missions: Transformation Breaking Forth Among the Bhojpuri People of North India by Victor John, with Dave Coles
    • 14. Extroversion of Worship: Spirit, Worship, and Witnessing by Thang San Mung
    • 15. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Great Commission through the Lens of Migration in the Middle East by Stavros Ignatiou
    • 16. Saturation Church Planting: Towards a New DAWN? by Raphaël Anzenberger
    • 17. Spirit-Empowered Youth Evangelism with Christians Together: Lessons from An Tobar Nua, Ireland by Tomasz Białokurec
    • 18. Mass Healing Evangelism: The Unique Contribution of the Spirit-Empowered Movement to Evangelism by Daniel C. King
    • 19. The Impact of Evangelism and Prayer: Pentecostals in Central America, with Emphasis on Guatemala and Honduras by Mireya Alvarez
    • 20. Missional Spirituality of the Global G12 Network by Richard Harding and Manuela Castellanos Harding
    • 21. The Stubbornness of the Spirit: A Reflection on the Mission of God in Brazil by Elizabeth Salazar-Sanzana
    • 22. Let the River Flow: A Study on the Cross-Cultural Church Planting Ministry of a Chinese Spirit-Empowered Church in the United States by Stephen Yeem
    • 23. Spirit-Empowered Internet Evangelism in an Age of Global Individuality by Mark Flattery
  • Postscript: Almost, Not Yet, Already by Annamarie Hamilton
  • Contributors
  • Select Bibliography
  • Name and Subject Index
  • Scripture Index

“The Remaining Task of the Great Commission is an urgently needed topic reminding the body of Christ that the commission of Jesus has not yet been completed. While not an exhaustive record, this book introduces you to many nations and people groups, enumerating the myriad ways in which the Holy Spirit has worked through people to make Jesus known. We press on to complete this glorious task! ”
— Bishop LaDonna Osborn, President, Osborn Ministries International

“The Remaining Task shows that the Holy Spirit uses people throughout the centuries in the same way as in the Acts of Apostles. Indeed, the DNA of the Church of Jesus Christ lies in the true ministry of the Holy Spirit as it was in the day of Pentecost. I highly appreciate and endorse this book for all Christian workers as it challenges the Christian to take the right steps towards fulfilling the Great Commission.”
— Bishop Eli Rop, General Secretary, The Full Gospel Churches of Kenya

“This book is a substantial contribution to this concerted global effort toward the evangelization of the world. . . I am sure that this book is offered to the global Spirit-empowered churches, mission organizations, and countless frontline workers as a valuable resource (from the Foreword).”
— Rev. Dr. Younghoon Lee, Senior Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea

Wonsuk Ma is a Korean Pentecostal, and he serves as Dean and Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He previously served as Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK. He serves as Co-chair of Scholars Consultation, Empowered21.

Opoku Onyinah is president of the Bible Society of Ghana, and the immediate past chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Ghana. He also serves as Co-chair of the Scholars Consultation of Empowered21.

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