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The Power of One
Reaching Every Person on Earth

How can eight billion people have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ? Is it possible that every person on Earth will be reached with the good news of the gospel in our generation?

How can eight billion people have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ? Is it possible that every person on Earth will be reached with the good news of the gospel in our generation? Can we mobilize today's church for collaborative results achieved in unprecedented ways? What can one person do to make a difference?

In The Power of One, Dr. Wilson answers these questions by providing a clear path forward through the re-personalization of the Great Commission and a renewed focus on the potential of everyONE.

A new era of global evangelism is dawning in our post-pandemic, fast-moving, 21st-century world. Jesus's method of reaching one person and thus unlocking their capacity to touch the masses is being reclaimed. The most significant days of Great Commission effort in human history are before us.

Reaching every person on Earth will necessitate and demonstrate The Power of ONE!


  • Foreword by Rick Warren
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Power of One
  • Chapter 2: A Restless Shepherd
  • Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Reaching the Multitudes by Reaching One
  • Chapter 4: The Re-Personalization of the Great Commission
  • Chapter 5: The World in Which Everyone Must Be Reached
  • Chapter 6: A New Era of Evangelism

“Just as Jesus explained that the Good Shepherd leaves ninety-nine sheep safe to go after the one sheep that is lost, The Power of One explains why and how each of us can do our part in reaching everyONE with the Good News that they matter to God, Christ died for them, and that He wants them in His family forever! ”
— Rick Warren, Author of The Purpose Driven Life

“My friend, Dr. Billy Wilson, is one of the most gifted visionary leaders I have ever known. His passion to reach everyone in the world, one person at a time, is both inspiring and infectious. I highly recommend The Power of One to every believer and leader. You will be inspired to join a global movement to complete the Great Commission in our generation, a movement that Billy is helping spearhead.”
— Brian Alarid, President of World Prays and Chairman of Pray For All

“If every believer would reach the 'ones' around them, we would have an overnight spiritual awakening! If every believer would set their eyes on the 'ones' all over the world who have no Gospel access, we could finish the Great Commission! Dr. Wilson is not only leading this charge, he has given us this book as a timely, prophetic, and visionary charge for the incredible hour we live in! Let us take up this cause together to reach the 'one.'”
— Andy Byrd, YWAM Kona, The Send

“If our culture has shown us anything in recent years, it presents to us a world in desperate need of the good news of Jesus. In The Power of One, Dr. Billy Wilson offers both the challenge before us and the remarkable opportunity to proclaim the gospel in the power of the Spirit. As president of Oral Roberts University, I particularly appreciate his insight into Gen Z and its potential as a gospel force. We need a fresh burden for the lost and a renewed practice of evangelism that this book details!”
— Dr. Ed Stetzer, Dean of Talbot School of Theology

“In The Power of One, my mentor and friend, Dr. Billy Wilson, issues a clarion call for the purpose of activating the "one." One person set free in the name of Jesus can change a generation. A multitude of "ones" filled with the power of the Holy Spirit can literally change the world. This book reminds all of us to be the "one" that reaches the "one" for the purpose of worshiping the "One"—Jesus, the risen Christ.”
— Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Lead Pastor, New Season Church, President and CEO of NHCLC

The Power of One, by Dr. Wilson, is a must-read for anyone who desires to make a lasting impact for the cause of Christ. In this book, Dr. Wilson shares his expertise and insight on how to effectively reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His approach is practical, easy to understand, and biblically grounded. "Dr. Wilson's passion for sharing the gospel is contagious, and his writing style is engaging and easy to follow. This book is packed with wisdom and practical advice that will inspire and equip readers to make a difference in the lives of those around them.
"If you are looking for a book that will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and share the love of Christ with others, The Power of One is the book for you. I highly recommend it ”
— Reggie Dabbs, YWAM Kona, The Send

The Power of One, written by Dr. Wilson, is an inspiring and compelling book that calls all Christians globally to unite around one cause, to preach the gospel to everyone, everywhere, over the next decade through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are living in a kairos and pivotal moment in history, and The Power of One will ignite your Godly purpose and potential to be part of this end time harvest. The Power of One will propel you to participate in an audacious goal to take the good news of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. There are no limits.”
— Daniela Freidzon-McCabe, Pastor and Speaker, King of Kings Church, Empowered21 NextGen Global Co-Chair

Dr. Billy WilsonDR. BILLY WILSON, Global Chair of Empowered21, Chair of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, and President of Oral Roberts University presents a clear vision for reaching every person on earth by Pentecost 2033- The Power of One. Dr. Wilson is a global influencer and popular speaker, whose television program World Impact with Billy Wilson, is seen in over 50 nations. He has authored several books, including Generation Z: Born for the Storm, As the Waters Cover the Sea, with Dr. Vinson Synan, Father Cry, and Fasting Forward. Dr. Wilson and his wife, Lisa, reside in Tulsa, where they enjoy time with their family

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