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Human Sexuality and the Holy Spirit
Spirit-Empowered Perspectives

The God Who Is Love created man male and female for love. Human sexuality is a gift of Creation. Through this gift, we may love and be loved deeply, may enjoy a profound oneness in marriage, and, from loveʼs natural self-giving, may give life to children, the greatest ongoing fruit of such love.

Human sexuality is a gift of Creation. The image of our God who is love is borne by "man" as "male and female," with no hint of either sexʼs imaging the divine more fully than--or apart from--the other. Through this gift, we may love and be loved deeply, may enjoy a profound oneness in marriage, and, from loveʼs natural self-giving, may give life to children, the greatest ongoing fruit of such love.

Despite all its goodness, many on this planet experience sexuality in brokenness and pain. We know sin and evil spoil and steal from Godʼs good creation, but we do not despair. The Good News of Jesus Christ reckons seriously with every enemy of human fl ourishing. His victory has won healing the Holy Spirit applies to the broken, through loving ministry.

These truths of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration unify the essays in this book. Most began at the Scholarsʼ Consultation of the Empowered21 Asia Global Congress in Singapore in 2017. Here they explore Godʼs intention for our sexuality, ways we misuse and abuse this gift, and ways Spirit-empowered communities help heal brokenness and restore the divine image. Expressing theological and socialscience scholarship and front-lines ministry experience from the First and Majority Worlds, these essays probe gender theory, inequality, and fl uidity and dysphoria; sexual exploitation of children and women and their resilience; homosexuality; fighting HIV/AIDS; promoting sexual wholeness; and more. Readers will deepen their biblical, theoretical, and practical understanding so they may minister healing and restoration with wisdom and compassion in the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • Other Empowered21 Titles
  • Introduction
  • I. Laying a Foundation
    • 1. God’s Original Design for Human Sexuality and Spirit-Empowered Leaders in the Old Testament by Lian Mung
    • 2. A Historical and Hermeneutical Approach to the Vice-Lists: A Pauline Perspective Concerning Homosexuality and the Holy Spirit by Mark Hall
    • 3. Leaving the Past Behind: A Historical Survey of the Church’s Response to Homosexuality by Clayton Coombs
    • 4. Querying Queer Theory: Gender Expression and Transgender Identity in Manifold Perspective
  • II. Learning from Real Life by Michael McClymond
    • 5. “Sexuality, Gender, and Marriage: Pentecostal Theology of Sexuality and Empowering the Girl-Child in India by Brainerd Prince and Atula Walling
    • 6. Girls’ Education and Sexuality in Burkina Faso: The Contribution from Pentecostal Churches and NGOs by Philippe Ouedraogo
    • 7. Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Philippines and the Role of Pentecostal Churches by Lulu Suico and Joseph Suico
    • 8. Resilience and Spirit-Empowered Communities: Stories of Overseas Filipino Women Workers in Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches by Doreen Alcoran-Benavidez and Edwardneil Benavidez
    • 9. African Sexuality in the Context of HIV/AIDS by Joshua Banda
    • 10. Good News from Africa: Is a Person’s Sexual Behavior Influenced by Their Attitude and Behavior towards God? A Voice of Evidence by Joshua Banda
    • 11. A Transformational Work of the Holy Spirit For Freedom from Gender Inequality In Nepal by Bal Krishna Sharma and Karuna Sharma
    • 12. The Spirit-Empowered Church: God’s Answer to a Postmodern World: A Sermon by William Wilson
    • 13. Marriage, Human Sexuality, and the Body by Timothy Tennent
    • 14. A Case Study from Malaysia: Struggling Pastor Who Pastors Strugglers by Teresa Chai and Tryphena Law
    • 15. Spirit Baptism as a Framework for Ministry to the Struggling by Megan Grondin
    • 16. Women at Yoido Full Gospel Church: Pentecostalism in a Confucian Context by Julie Ma
  • Postscript: A Reflection by Annamarie Hamilton
  • Contributors
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Wonsuk Ma is the Dean of the College of Theology & Ministry and Distinguished Professor of Global Christianity at Oral Roberts University

Kathlaleen Reid-Martinez is the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Oral Roberts University

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December 2, 2019
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