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Generation Z
Born for the Storm

From the halls of middle schools to boardrooms of the most innovative companies in the world, Generation Z is coming of age in a unique time in human history.

GENERATION Z is called and equipped to rise above the global storm we are experiencing and initiate the greatest awakening our world has ever seen. They are ready. They are willing. They are born for the storm.

Generation Z is officially the largest generation in the world today. They are creative, driven, entrepreneurial, and technologically advanced. Generation Z comes of age in an unique time. This generation is surrounded by turbulence: a global pandemic, racial tensions, political upheaval, economic unrest, and social tensions not experienced by previous generations. They live in a tumultuous life-sea where the waves are high, the winds are strong, the intensity is unceasing, and the challenges feel insurmountable.

This new generation, born between 1997 and 2012, has never witnessed a calm sea. Social harmony, economic stability, physical tranquility, and domestic peace have all been very distant during this period. While those from earlier generations are often disturbed by it all, Generation Z considers these storms a part of their existence. They are survivors, and they are being equipped by God for maximum kingdom impact during a time when the world needs them the most.

Generation Z: Born for the Storm is written as a book of hope for this new generation. It examines the environment surrounding Gen Z and tries to understand who they are. It also looks at the unique qualities God is forming in Gen Z believers. The book inspirationally describes qualities already emerging and predicts qualities that will emerge as Gen Zers take their place of leadership in the world. Each chapter focuses on a person or persons from the Bible whose names begin with “Z” and who embody qualities God is forming in this new generation. This is not an exhaustive volume on Gen Z. It is simply a snapshot in time connected to the timeless truths of Scripture that will help us reflect upon, respond to, and empower the most important generation to ever live. Their potential is beyond description.

Gen Z will take the negative circumstances they have been given and, by God’s grace, turn them into positives. Generation Z is ready. God is equipping. The Holy Spirit is moving. The world is waiting. The winds are blowing, and the waves are roaring. Spiritual history is going to be made because Generation Z is born for the storm.


  • Introduction: A Perfect Storm
  • 1. A Generation Born to Lead: "Zeke"
  • 2. A Generation Born for a Purpose: Zaphenath-Paneah
  • 3. A Generation Born to Worship: Zadok
  • 4. A Generation Born for the Spirit: Zechariah and Zerubbabel
  • 5. A Generation Born for Hope: Zephaniah
  • 6. A Generation Born for Integrity: Zacchaeus
  • 7. A Generation Born for Commitment: Zipporah
  • 8. A Generation Born for Influence: Zeruiah
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • Endnotes

Rare is the person of one generation who champions the beauty and purpose of another. Rarer still is when that message is carried by a major leader in the body of Christ. Dr. Billy Wilson is such a man, and his recent book Generation Z: Born for the Storm conveys both his passion and profound insight in this area. Dr. Wilson’s heart for this generation is also demonstrated daily in his vision and life as he presides as president over Oral Roberts University. How refreshing it is to see a man of integrity and a strategic thinker put at the helm of a university that will truly affect the course of world history. I highly commend to you both the man and his message.
— Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, author of The Way of Life and Born for Significance

Dr. Billy Wilson knows the vital importance of equipping, encouraging, and empowering the generations that follow us. In Generation Z: Born for the Storm, Dr. Wilson combines his passion for educating young adults with his devotion for following Jesus. The result reveals the incredible impact this generation is already having on the world and shows us how we can help them fulfill the unique calling God has placed on their lives. This insightful book is a much-needed resource for this unique time in church history.
— Pastor Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands, author of The Daniel Dilemma and Out of the Cave

Many books address issues with expertise but little experience or with experience but little expertise. However, in this book, we see that Dr. Wilson has both the academic expertise and the first-hand experience necessary to guide the church into a better understanding of how to empower Generation Z to become what just may be the greatest generation of Christians in history.
— Pastor Stovall Weems, Senior Pastor, Celebration Church

Dr. Billy Wilson is one of the most influential global Christian leaders. His passion and desire for the Holy Spirit and to see God move are constantly inspiring millions of people around the world. Dr. Wilson has a passion for raising up generations and unique insight and revelation that will empower and inspire whoever reads this book.
— Pastor Russell Evans, Senior Pastor, Planetshakers Church

John the Baptist knew who he was and what God called him to do. He was secure in his identity and clear about his destiny. He encountered God in the desert, but he also had a father who prophesied over him when he was born. God used the prophetic declaration of Zechariah to speak identity and destiny over John the Baptist. In a similar way, I believe God is releasing a prophetic declaration from fathers and mothers over this generation. In Generation Z: Born for the Storm, Dr. Wilson stands as a father and declares identity and mission to a generation. Along with Dr. Wilson, I am believing that we will see revival in our day because of a generation who is passionate about Jesus and willing to lay their lives down for His cause in the earth.
— Banning Liebscher, Pastor and Founder, Jesus Culture

Generation Z: Born for the Storm is a timely invitation for the emerging generation of world changers to step into their God-appointed destiny. Dr. Wilson reminds us that the perfect storm produces the perfect setting for the natural to become supernatural. More than ever, in this pivotal time in history, Generation Z will be an essential collective of leaders who rise above to stand on God’s Word and transform the world. This book will help you recognize the vast opportunities to take hold of victorious hope and your anointed purpose—and rise above any storm.
— Rob Hoskins, President, OneHope, Inc.

In a time of moral decline, social unrest, and the societal abandonment of the Word of God, Elijah’s commission is still God’s holy prescription: “Go anoint Elisha!” Dr. Wilson’s book is an echo of that primordial call, and in this world’s desperate moment, this book will be the striking of the match of another Elijah revolution. It’s time to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children.
— Lou Engle, Co-founder, The Call

We are living in days where so much innovation and discovery is being made, yet so much will remain the same. The need for wisdom and experience cannot be substituted, yet at the same time, the new trends and perspectives can’t be ignored. In a very surgical manner, Dr. Billy Wilson sheds light and his leadership gems on how ministry should be done to Gen Z and how to effectively serve the church of tomorrow. This is a must-read for any leader desiring to lead effectively in the future.
— Teofilo Hayashi, Founder, Dunamis Movement, Senior Leader, Zion Church

Generation Z has been called to live and lead in unprecedented times. The dark clouds of surrounding storms have informed their entire earthly journey. In one small statement from this book, Dr. Wilson sets the stage to unpack the reason for and potential of this generation called Z. President Wilson has dedicated his life to reach, teach, and send Gen Z to be the answer in this world today through the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Generation Z: Born for the Storm is a must-read!
— Reggie Dabbs, The Youth Alliance

In this book, Dr. Wilson highlights the distinguishing trait of Gen Z which is their readiness to embrace and adapt to change. This trait makes them survivors, equipped by God for maximum kingdom impact during a time when the world needs them the most. It is this understanding and acceptance of a generation that many find difficult to comprehend that should make us pay heed to Dr. Wilson’s key insights in this book. His use of “Z” names from the Bible is illuminating and different… It will enable us to see them through the eyes of God, rather than the eyes of tradition or experience, enabling us to equip them to carry on the torch of the gospel to their own cohorts. I recommend this book as the need of the hour and trust that many will take the time and effort to read it.
— Dr. Chadwick Samuel Mohan, Lead Pastor, New Life AG Church, Chennai, India

Generation Z: Born for the Storm is an invitation to journey alongside the unprecedented work God is doing in this generation in light of the biblical pattern found in the narrative of Scripture. Dr. Wilson speaks with an authority forged only by experience, but with the unmistakable tenderness of a pastor’s heart. Whether you are leading, serving, or a part of Gen Z, this book is for you!
— Rev. Max Barroso, IPHC World Missions Ministries

This book is incredibly timely and speaks to the heart of a generation born for the storm! Dr. Wilson’s heart for the next generation shines through with hope for the future of Gen Z with the inclusion of stories from the Biblical narrative that emphasize God’s ability to allow His children to soar when the winds of chaos arise. This is a must-read for any young person looking to grasp God’s calling for them in this season and an inspirational message for those who are currently leading Gen Z.
— Eli Bonilla Jr., National Millennial Director, NHCLC

Linking biblical stories of faithful men and women to the timeless truths they illustrate, Dr. Billy Wilson in Generation Z: Born for the Storm illustrates how today’s generation of students, though raised in a world of nonstop turmoil, are perfectly equipped by God to fulfill their Kingdom destinies. Generation Z: Born for the Storm prophetically offers confident hope and purpose to a generation raised for such a time as this.
— Rev. David R. Wells, M.A., D.D., General Superintendent, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Dr. William Wilson does a great service to the kingdom of God by studying its prospect on the next generation. What Dr. Wilson calls Generation Z is a young generation that is highly dynamic and full of potential. If this generation is built as a generation of faith that focuses on God, they will make a great impact on the world. To realize this vison Dr. William Wilson has made a close study of Generation Z with the mind of spiritual fatherhood. Through this book, we will be able to realize how to encourage this generation to stand as a generation with the dream of God. This is a must read for anyone interested in raising next generation servants of the Lord. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson’s formidable book.
— Younghoon Lee, PhD, Senior Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church

When I think of someone who is keen on what is in store for the upcoming generation of students, the president of a mainline university would top the list. When considering how that same generation will be positioned for ministry in the Kingdom, I place my confidence in the perspective of the leader of a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled evangelical school such as Oral Roberts University! Billy Wilson’s presidency of ORU and co-chairmanship of Empowered21 has been marked with milestones of progress within the Spirit-empowered movement. These combined leadership posts, along with his authorship of previous works, imminently qualifies him to bring forth a publication that guides the anointed path of Generation Z. But perhaps most important is Billy Wilson’s proven anointing and use of the gifts of the Spirit exemplified through decades of dedication, preparation, and delivery of God’s Word to the masses.
— Dr. Timothy M. Hill, Presiding Bishop, Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee

As a leader in Youth With A Mission and a father of six Generation Z children, I can wholeheartedly endorse this book as an injection of faith and identity into what I also believe to be one of the greatest generations in history! Generation Z is a hero generation, willing to joyfully lay down their lives for the cause of the Kingdom and the power of the Gospel! Dr. Billy Wilson does an incredible job of mapping out and calling out the remarkable DNA that God has placed in a generation that will truly turn the world upside down! This book is for Gen Z and about Gen Z! Everyone needs its wisdom!
— Andy Byrd, Youth With A Mission

The young men and women of Generation Z have grown up amidst global turmoil. They are committed to cultural, social, and political change around the world—they are our future. As such, those of us who have come before Generation Z have the responsibility of not only leading them well but also learning from them. That’s why I am so grateful for Dr. Wilson’s insightful and prophetic book, Generation Z: Born for the Storm. Through an examination of the lives of nine biblical characters, Dr. Wilson shows us the lessons God is imparting to Gen Z believers and those they influence. No matter your age or your relationship with this dynamic generation, this book is a must-read.
— Samuel Rodriguez, Lead Pastor, New Season Worship Center, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Author, Survive to Thrive, Executive Producer, Breakthrough movie

Generation Z is a must read for those who want to lead beyond today. Max Dupree once said, “The first responsibility of leadership is to define reality.” The second responsibility is to influence the future of that reality. As President of ORU and a thought leader in the highest educational and spiritual circles, no one is better qualified to define the realities of Generation Z than Dr. Billy Wilson. He is in reality a practitioner more than just a mere proclaimer. Beyond defining the realities of Generation Z, in this book, Dr. Billy Wilson has captured many insightful and helpful tools for leaders who desire to understand and influence this generation and shape the future of the church. This is a must read for older, emerging, and future leaders and influencers in the church.
— Goodwill Shana, Senior Pastor, Word of Life Ministries (Zimbabwe), Chair of WEA International Council, Co-Chair E21 Africa Cabinet

Generation Z: Born for the Storm is a timely word for the Church today in regard to the next generation. Generation Z is the most populous, diverse, entrepreneurial, innovative, and cause-driven generation in history. I believe this generation is one that the Church has been praying for in regard to seeing another Great Awakening take place. This is why Dr. Wilson’s book is so timely as he frames for us key perspectives on how transformative Gen Z is to the world today. If you are sensing that God is setting things into motion on a global level, if you see the Holy Spirit on the move in the next generation, and if you are being prompted by the Holy Spirit to partner with the next generation, then this book is a must-read for you.
— Terry Parkman, Empowered21 NextGen Global co-Chair, NextGen Pastor, River Valley Church

Finally! The book about generational change we’ve been looking for is here. While most of the world is still obsessed with millennials, Dr. Billy Wilson understands that today, the future belongs to Generation Z. His new book Generation Z: Born for the Storm will change everything you know about this rising age group and the enormous influence they will have on our world. To ignore the coming impact of this generation is to do so at your peril. Get the book. It will change your outlook on the future. —
— Phil Cooke, PhD, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Maximize Your Influence: How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You

Generation Z has been born into the digital era; they are great communicators with a true longing for integrity and trustworthiness. They carry a mindset that gives them no problem to think outside their own box regarding building relations and act for changes they want to see. Yet they want to have true and close relations. Reading Dr. Wilson’s book makes me want to put more energy into praying for and supporting the Christian leaders within Generation Z, for them to reach their own generation with the gospel. Also, since my three kids all are part of this generation, I am very thankful that this book is providing the generation itself with a strengthening challenge to give their hearts wholeheartedly as true servants of Christ.
— Daniel Alm, General Superintendent, Swedish Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches

The next generation will only be our future if we make them our present. My friend, Dr. Billy Wilson, teaches us to do just that in Generation Z: Born for the Storm. I encourage you to pick up a copy and take a risk on this generation. You won’t regret it.
— Nick Hall, Founder & Chief Communicator, Pulse

Dr. Wilson is a skilled dream releaser. He has once again reminded us that Generation Z is not just the church of tomorrow, but very much the church of today. I pray this book will inspire you to release the dreams inside the Gen Zers whom you are closest to, and then, step back and watch them impact the world. They were born for such a time.
— Doug Clay, General Superintendent, AG National Office

God has a special plan for Generation Z! They will impact the nations for Christ. Dr. Wilson inspires and motivates you to discover the unique qualities that God is forming within this generation, as they find their potential and purpose to lead in the midst of the storm. This is a must read!
— Daniela Freidzon, Pastor and Speaker, King of Kings Church

Dr. Billy WilsonDR. BILLY WILSON is president of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and global co-chair for Empowered21, a network helping shape the future of the Spirit-empowered movement. He also chairs the Pentecostal World Fellowship, is a board member of the National Association of Evangelicals, and served as the executive officer for the 2006 Azusa Street Centennial. A global influencer and dynamic speaker, Wilson authored Father Cry and Fasting Forward and hosts the television program World Impact with Billy Wilson. Billy and his wife, Lisa, reside in Tulsa, where they enjoy time with their family.

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